Wytze Russchen's 'Oliemannetje'

Wytze Russchen is born (1970) in Friesland, the Netherlands. Wytze’s dream is an international political career. Europe is calling; during his studies, he leaves to Brussels to do two internships. The Bubble fits him like a glove. He gets a foot in the EU engine room via a cabinet position with Willy De Clercq, a senior European politician and Belgian statesman, who becomes his mentor.

After, Wytze goes ‘to the other side’ and serves several business groups. There he learns the lobby métier and prepares for a political career. Wytze fails to get elected. He fights back and starts his own lobby firm, out of the blue. He becomes director of the leading business event in Brussels and turns his ‘old’ hobby into his new profession: bringing people together. Wytze advices a range of multinationals and (trade) associations and becomes for a growing clientèle ‘our guy in Brussels’.

He is Mister Holland in Brussels, bringing Dutch people together in different ways. He creates new platforms for CEOs, the Dutch (business) community, civil society in neighbouring countries and he boosts existing networks. Wytze is considered one of the most influential Dutchmen in Brussels.

Diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, Wytze is forced to slow down and sells his firm in 2014. He fights back again and publishes two books: “Het Oliemannetje; Toplobbyist in Europa” (2014) and “#Post uit Brussel” (2015). He starts ‘Access2Europe’ and wants to focus this time on transferring his experience to a new generation, by speeches, Masterclasses and writing blogs and books.

‘The Fixer’ – the English translation of “Het Oliemannetje” makes his adventures available for an international audience. It contains stories on the ‘big names’ Wytze has met and offers the reader a peek behind the curtains of Europe. Although there are quite a few lobby lessons to take away, the book is foremost the ‘mémoires’ of a countryboy who climbs his way up in political ‘wonderland’. Faced with headwinds, Wytze manages always to bounce back and get things fixed. ‘The Fixer’ is about resilience and human interest, written in an unique, humourful and rarely transparant way.

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