Wytze Russchen's 'Oliemannetje'

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Wytze Russchen headed for Brussels after his studies, as he envisioned a political career for himself. Instead of ending up in public office, Russchen became known as ‘Oliemannetje’

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(‘greaseman’ in Dutch): a skilled lobbyist that toured the corridors of Brussels for various Dutch and international clients.

His book Het Oliemannetje. Toplobbyist in Europa shows the workings of power in the EU capital. Barroso, Kroes or Berlusconi all pop up, as Russchen describes with verve and humour his experiences with Brussels’ powerhouses. The book will be launched in early April 2014 (see below).

‘The Fixer’ – the English translation

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of “Het Oliemannetje”

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makes his adventures available for an international audience. It contains stories on the ‘big names’ Wytze has met and offers the reader a peek behind the curtains of Europe.

Although there are quite a few lobby lessons to take away, the book is foremost

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the ‘mémoires’ of a countryboy who climbs his way up in political ‘wonderland’. Faced with headwinds, Wytze manages always to bounce back and get things fixed.

‘The Fixer’ is about resilience and human interest, written in an unique, humourful and rarely transparant way.

The Fixer: Lobbyist in Europe

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href=”https://www.amazon.fr/Fixer-Lobbyist-Europe-English-ebook/dp/B01FKMGWJA/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1463117611&sr=8-2&keywords=RUsschen”>Digital version


The Fixer: Lobbyist in Europe. is published by CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform | 236 pages | €18.72 | ISBN 978 15 3042 781 9.

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Het Oliemannetje

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Het Oliemannetje. Toplobbyist in Europa is published by Conserve | 266 pages | €19.99 | ISBN 978 90 5429 363 7.

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